Access Zillow To Search An Apartment On Rent


Zillow Group is basically an online real estate company which was founded in 2005 by Richard Barton and Lloyd Frink. Its head office is in United States. It is providing various online services to find your home way, apartment on rent, find agent, and get advice along with home design and much more. Now you don’t have to visit offices of property managers to find an apartment on rent, you can find it online by following given below few steps of execution.


  • You need to have a personal computer with internet connection.
  • Visit website of Zillow


  • Insert official URL of website Zillow in order to search for apartments on rent at
  • You need to click on tab of “Rent” positioned at the top menu bar, by clicking you will get a drop down list.
  • You need to find an option of Apartments on rent, after finding click on it which will redirect you to another web page
  • You are required to enter address, Neighborhood or zip code in given field in order to specify the location of apartments or you can specify the location through google map located at the bottom of this search box.
  • Use google map plus and minus button to zoom in and zoom out the place to find a particular place.
  • You will get a list of available apartments, you need to go through over all available apartments and select any one or two by clicking on it one by one.
  • This click will pop up another window from where you can get details about apartment’s rooms, condition, features and other measurement facts.
  • If you find it feasible you are supposed to provide your name, phone number and E-mail ID in relevant fields as marked in order to contact manager.
  • At the end you are required to click on button which is labeled as “Contact property Manager” located at the bottom.

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