Register At Simplexity To Track The Order


Simplexity is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator in the world of wireless industry. Simplexity owns a website “”. By this website you can easily track your order. If a customer has ordered something at online shopping website of Simplexity then he can easily see his status of the order and can also track it. By a single access to the tracking the order and as well as signing in is a simple and fast process.


  • You need a computer or any other related device.
  • You must have an internet access.
  • You are required to give the valid order number with you to see the details.
  • You should have an email address.


  • Visit the official website by following the given link
  • You are needed to “sign in” to track and check the status of your products. In order to login you are required to give your email address and order in the mentioned spaces. You are bound to give the email address which you give at the time of giving the order on the shopping website of Simplexity.
  • A number order number will be issued to you when have given your order. You are required to keep it with you. Keep it save because then you will be able to view the delivery details of your order. After entering the information tick on the option which is labelled as “Sign in”.
  • In the next page you are required to follow the directions appearing on the screen to track your order. You can also check the delivery status of your order.
  • If you want to get more details and information visit the websites of Wirefly and Simplexity by opening the given links and respectively.

If any type of information is required about the status of the order you need to sign in at this website.


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