Activate Your Monthly Pass Of Weight Watchers To Avail Benefits


Weight Watchers is a popular service provider to those who remain in search for the ways of reducing the weight. Company offers the Monthly Pass to the members which can give them a number of benefits. Many people have already benefited from the services of Weight Watchers and appreciated them. Minor and pregnant cannot become the members. Also those people who have the weight 5 times more than the recommended weight for them according to their height and age.

You can get the free registration from the Monthly Pass, eTools access for free and infinite meetings each month. You can buy the service from Weight Watchers Meeting or by visiting the webpage of the company. It will cost you $9.92 every week and $42.95 for a month. After purchasing the service, a procedure for the activation is to be followed then which will get you the Pass card each month.

Requirements For The Activation

  • You will require a computer or a smart phone for the registration.
  • Connect your device with a quick speed internet.
  • You must activate your pass card within the 7 days of the purchase of your Pass.

Guidance Steps

  • Open the Weight Watchers website It will direct you to the Monthly Pass service of the Weight Watchers.
  • Keep your voucher with you so that the access number printed on it can be entered in the required box. Avoid adding dashes in the voucher number while typing it.
  • The next page will open where you will have to enter your introductory information. It will include your name, phone number, email address, username and password. This information is required for the process of signing up for an account.
  • At the bottom, you have to check the box marked as “Accept the Monthly Pass Subscription Agreement” and after that click the “Complete Sign up” button.
  • Finish your sign up process and you will receive your Monthly Pass Card in your email.


  • I didn’t do my monthly pass in seven days. So when I go on the website it wants me to pay for it which I already did. Please help get me the pass.

  • It says to enter your 16 digit access code and mine is 17 digits and therefore won’t take it. I have been trying to do this since last Thursday 1-11-2018! This is quite frustrating!

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