Setup Walmart Money Card Purchase


Walmart is a chain of retail stores which offers a number of products at its outlets. This company is situated in the United States of America and offers all the products at retail prices as well as discount rates for promotion of products. This company was founded in 1962 and more than 10,000 outlets are situated all over the world. It also offers a web portal for shopping and ordering online shipment at the door step of your home. You just have to make an account for it and float your order. The money for your ordered items will be charged from this account.


You can create the money card account by using the official website of this company. Follow the following steps

  • Visit this URL
  • You can login by clicking the “Login” button and entering the required information.
  • If you do not have a card, you can get a new one by clicking the “Get a card” option in the main menu bar.
  • See the options of money cards along with the benefits offered with these cards. Select whether you want to register a visa card or master card.
  • You can choose to add money at the instant while registering this account or add it later. Click the “Continue” button to proceed.
  • Enter your complete name, address, complete location, postal code, email ID, SSN, date of birth, personal identification number from your card, cell phone number and land line number. Also read the company’s agreement, privacy policy and card holder policy

Click the continue button to proceed to next step and enter your card information, online access options and pharmacy discount options.


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