Using The Online Paystub Portal


Well, if you are a WALMART associate and you are expecting the best services from us, then we are always motivated by your trust in us to improve our services consistently and that is why we always come up with the latest benefits for you. For your convenience, we have offered you an online Paystub Portal from where you can access many Walmart benefits like, checking your schedule, keeping track of your benefits and you can connect with your associates as well. So, this guide is to help you how you can access and get benefit from it.

How to access and enjoy the benefits

Well, if you are looking for the ways how to access and enjoy the benefits online, then you can follow the following steps:

  • You would need to click the link to access the official website.
  • Now, you can see a blue colored page where you can see a “login” form.
  • Now, if you are a registered member, and then just sign in and if you are not, then you should click the “Register” link that is shown just below the yellow highlighted “LOGIN” button.
  • In the next page, you will be asked to check for a few things you would need to create an account here.
  • Check the required things and follow the remaining instructions to register here.

So, in this way, you can register for the online Paystub Portal from where you can enjoy the many interesting Walmart benefits.


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