Sign In With Verizon To Send Picture And Video Message


Verizon Wireless is a mobile phone network operator and located in is founded in 2000 and have more than 108 million subscribers. Verizon allows the users to send a picture and record the video of 30 seconds on your device and send it to other compatible device by wireless connection. You can also add a text to the video message. You can also send message to the email address.

What are the requirements to send a picture or video message?

If you want to forward an image or video message using Verizon account then you are required to have a PC with the internet connection. Last but not the least, you are supposed to visit official website of Verizon.

What is the procedure to send a picture or video?

  • Visit the official website
  • You need to click on the “Send a Message” found at bottom of the page.
  • Enter user ID or mobile phone number and password to sign in on this website.
  • Follow the instructions and find the item which you want to send. Drag the things if you want to make slide show.
  • You must select the option of “Preview and Send” and send it to mobile number or email box.
  • Visit the help page to get help in case of picture and video messaging.

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