Login With Vodafone To Get The Photo


Vodafone is the biggest mobile company which is offering many facilities to its customers. Company launched the facility to view the picture message through the official account on the website. If someone can’t see the picture message then he can view it online by signing in his account and then going through the instructions appearing on the screen to view the photo and like or dislike or reply to it further accordingly.


  • User must have the computer or any other related device.
  • User need to have the fast speed internet connection.
  • User should have a Vodafone Subscriber ID.

Set of Instructions:

  • First of all access the website of Vodafone to receive the photo by following the given link www.vodafone.co.uk/getmyphoto
  • On having an access to the home page of Vodafone website click on the option labeled as “Get My Photo Login” present in the middle of the page.
  • By clicking on above option you will get the login page where you have to give your Vodafone number in the given box.
  • In the next step enter your password in the given field. But keep it in mind that if you entered the wrong details then your account will be blocked temporarily.
  • Click on the button entitled as “Login” to access the account.
  • Follow the screen instructions to access the message and view the photo or video in it.
  • If you are having any query or want some more details then please visit the help center online.

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