Join Violation Info To Pay Your Traffic Fine


Violation info is an online web portal which is normally used by the internet users to pay for their electronic tickets. You can use your credit cards such as master card, visa card, debit card or others to pay for the tickets. This website will required your personal identification number in order to give you access to your electronic ticket. You can view the proof of your violation by clicking the “view violation” button and entering the citation number in order to get a video clip or a picture of the scene captured by this department.


You can join this website in order to pay your ticket by following the sequence of steps which are mentioned as follows:

  • Go to the official website of this company which is
  • On the top right corner of the main screen, find “login now” button and click here to proceed.
  • Enter the notice number and your personal identification number and click the login button to continue. You can find these details in the notice of violation that you received from the officials.
  • You can cancel this procedure at any step by clicking the “Cancel” button at any given step.
  • In addition to making payments, you can also challenge the validity of this violation notice by going to the “Dispute ticket” corner.
  • If you have any problem understanding any of these steps, you can view the frequently asked questions to get guidance on different topics. You can also float your own query in this section in order to get answers from the official staff.

This website also provides video tutorials on different topics such as how the red cameras work and capture scenes of violation, red light event processing and many more.


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