Make A Request At USPS For Redelivery Of Missed Packets


USPS stands for United States Postal Service. USPS is providing an opportunity for those people who have missed their mail due to some reasons. USPS is providing a service of redelivery of missed mails. if you have missed your packet you will get a peach color slip which will help you to get your packet back. You can select date and time of redelivery according to your choice.

What are the requirements to place a request for redelivery:

  • You must have a personal computer with high speed internet connection.
  • You must have peach color slip in order to place request for redelivery.
  • You have to visit website of USPS Redelivery.

What is the procedure to place a request for redelivery



If you have missed your mail packet then don’t worry you can get it back anytime through USPS by placing an online request for redelivery.

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