Access USPS To Make Schedule To Pickup Parcels


United States Postal Service which is also abbreviated as USPS is the official department of the United States of America and is responsible for shipment of posts and parcels of all the residents of U.S. this department was created in 1971 and has managed to provide reliable services since then. This department has more than 600,000 employees who invest their time devotedly towards the work they are doing in order to satisfy all the citizens of U.S. with reliable and convenient. This department works independently and takes no effect from any other government department of this country. The department’s head quarter is based in Washington D.C. it also offers its services using an online internet portal.


You can make a schedule using your official USPS account in order to pick up the parcels by following the steps which are listed as under:

  • Go to the official website of this company which is
  • In the window pane displayed in the left hand corner of the website, find and click on the option “Schedule a pickup”.
  • State whether the address that you are providing is the address of a business firm or your home.
  • Enter your complete name, address, email ID, complete location, postal code etc and read the privacy policy of this company.
  • Specify where the company officials should look your shipment and enter any instructions if you want to add them.
  • Specify the time and date of picking up the parcel.

Enter the number of items that should be picked up, class through which this parcel should travel and other details. Click the “Schedule a pickup” button after entering all these details.


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