Get The Internal Information Of The Wings US Airways Online


The Wings US Airways can be accessed through an online portal by the employees and the business partners. Current employees of the US Airways can just login to the website and important information that is kept with the company internally, can be shared with them. As an employee, you may review your personal HR and internal files and information of the company.

Apart from the employees, the Wings US Airways is also accessed by its business partners. Vendors can also find some relevant information to them through the online accounts. You can take the benefit of the system in case when there is some restricted information and you need it.

Here, you can follow the step by step guides and get login to the website by using your employee code. Always keep in mind when you are looking to open your account that you are going to need a computer system for that and an internet connection with a good speed. Also your social security number will be required to enter.

Step by Step Guides to Login with the Wing US Airways

  • Type the URL in your web browser which is
  • The URL will direct you to the official website of the US Airways. After opening this website, click on the tab “Login Your Account”.
  • You can see a pop up that appears in front of you in which you can enter your employee code and password and login into it.
  • You can get both of these things at your work. If do not get them, then you can find the employee code on your employee badge of US Wings Airways. It is a 6 digit code that is to be entered in the required box.
  • The password needs to be given is of 7 digits. The first 3 digits of the password are usually USA and the remaining part of the password consists of the last 4 digits of your social security number.
  • You can also change your password once you have logged in.
  • After logging into it, you can get access to all the required information.

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