Access UHAUL And Rent A Truck Or Trailer


Well, most of us do need rented trucks and trailers at different time because we need to shift our things from one place to another. For this purpose we use to hire rented vehicles from different companies.

By doing following steps you can easily get a rented truck or trailer from UHAUL

  • The process is based on internet so you need to have a computer with internet access.
  • You must be 18 years of age or more to get the rented truck or trailer.
  • You need to have your international driving license with you.
  • Now you need to visit UHUAL’s official website to get the rented vehicle.
  • Open your web browser and type to start the process.
  • On the top menu of the website you will see an option of “Trucks”. Select this option to proceed further.
  • You need to select pickup date and time and describe about the location you need to have truck.
  • After providing this information you need to enter “Get Rates” button to get the available rates.
  • On very next page, list of all the available trucks will be shown to you. You need to select the truck according to your need.
  • After selecting the truck’s size and other details you need to enter your contact information with your complete name and address.
  • After completing this process you will receive your order number.
  • You need to have your order number with you while visiting UHAUL’s location which you had selected.
  • You need to be there in time when you had booked a truck according to your booking.

UHAUL is providing the carrier to shift your equipments and other things to your desired place and are providing a variety of trucks and trailers on rented bases.

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