Join Total Rewards Program To Win Samsung Galaxy Tablet


Total Rewards is a company which offers very exclusive offers and prizes to its customers. Company gives the prizes to both employees and customers. You only need to follow the policy of company in order to get the winning prize. Company not only offers small prizes but also big prizes for whom on e wish to get. Follow the given instructions to join the program.


Fulfill the following requirements for joining the total rewards:

  • You must have a computer and internet facility with it.
  • You must have an account on company’s website.



Go through the given guides to join the reward program:

  • Open the website of Total Rewards by following the given link to join the reward program.
  • As the homepage of the website opens you have to sign in your account by providing the user id and password. But if you are not having an account then creates an account first by clicking on “Register”.
  • Give the required details and register the account.
  • After accessing the account you have to select the Samsung Galaxy Tablet deal.
  • Go through the screen instructions to fulfill the deal’s terms. Now you will be informed if you win a Samsung tablet.
  • You can also join the reward program by playing Creasers Entertainment’s Casino. You will get an entry in the reward program if you win or played well being an employee of company.
  • Company doesn’t design some hard and fast rules for the program but user has to follow the policy of company.

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