Join T0LL-BY-PLATE Online To Get Facility In Paying Tolls


TOLL-BY-PLATE is an electronics image base toll collection and it recognize the person who have not paid his toll using photographic images of vehicle license plate. The TOLL-BY-PLATE online is a new service which allows the users to pay their unpaid toll violations and uniform traffic citations. It also allows the users to search for a nearby site where they can pay their violations and citations in cash. You can pay tolls online.


  • You must have a PC with the internet facility available to it.
  • You should have a credit card or bank account through which online payments can be made.
  • You require the TOLL-BY-PLATE invoice document sent by the Florida Turnpike Enterprise.
  • You need to be a registered owner of license plate in accordance with what appear on the invoice document.


  • Visit the website of TOLL-BY-PLATE login through your internet web browser. Follow the given link
  • In the next step click on link mentioned as “pay TOLL-BY-PLSTE Invoice Online”.
  • Click on the button labeled as “view documents” after adding your T0LL-BY-PLATE invoice document information, invoice ID and account number which is present on the TOLL-BY-PLATE invoice document sent by Florida Turnpike Enterprise (FTE).
  • When you login your account you will be able to pay invoice online.
  • If you got a Uniform Traffic Citation or Unpaid Toll Violation then you need to go to the relevant links mentioned on the TOLL-BY-PLATE login website and can easily pay them online.

TOLL-BY-PLATE facilitates SunPass customers to pay 25% less than the cash customers on tolls.


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