Access Thankyou And Get Reward Points


Well, it is very important that you get some rewards no matter you are doing any job or business. If you are a Citibank customer you might listen about the reward points. You will receive these reward points by using your credit card every time. Your reward points will be saved in your credit card so you do not need to worry about your reward points. You can use these reward points at different specified places.

Step by step guide is as under for your convenience:-

  • A computer which is connected with internet connection is must to complete the online process.
  • ThankYou Reward membership is compulsory to participate in the program.
  • You need to be a Citibank’s credit card holder to participate in the process.
  • Most probably you will be enrolled automatically f you are a Citibank’s credit card holder.
  • If you are confused about this you need to call at customer service number which is written on your credit card.
  • If you are member you can start the processing by simply visiting to start the online process.
  • The first thing you need to do is to create your online account here.
  • Enter the link which states “Setup a Username” and proceed with the online process.
  • You need to prescribe that how became the member of ThankYou reward.
  • Press button which is marked as “Continue Setup” to go further.
  • At next page you will be asked to provide your personal information.
  • If you had entered your information you need to enter button which is marked as “Search and Continue”.
  • To complete the online process you need to follow the rest instructions.
  • After fulfilling these instructions you are registered with the setup and now can enjoy the available facilities.

If you had completed the online process you can check and manage your online reward points as you like. By completing this easy setup you will be able to increase your account balance in the shape of reward points.

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