Participate in Tell Carrabbas Customer Satisfaction Survey


Carrabbas is chain of dining restaurant in America owned by LLC (OSI). It is based in Tampa, Florida. Company launched a customer satisfaction survey to collect the feedback of the customers. Customers are given free hand to point out the flaws in the services and products of the restaurant. Customer can appreciate the good points too and give their suggestions about the restaurant.


  • You should have an operating system.
  • You must possess an internet connection.
  • User should have the purchasing receipt with him.
  • You must have a good command on English.


  • Firstly visit the website of restaurant by following the given link to take part in the survey.
  • Enter the 18 digit code number written on the receipt in the relevant blank and if the code the 15 digit then follow the given instructions and then hit the button entitled as “Start”.
  • Now you get an access to the questionnaire which contains some questions and you are supposed to answer them honestly.
  • But before answering go through the instructions for how to attempt the survey.
  • On finishing the form you are issued a validation code, note down that code on your receipt and redeem it on your next visit to the restaurant.



Customers help to improve the company’s annual progress and profit by taking the survey and answering honestly. Customer will get a code on completion of survey as a reward.

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