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Target pay is putting forth different varieties of administrations to the individuals, including men and ladies’ apparel, infant attire, shoes wear, kids extras, adornments and watches, totes, electronics, future and essential supply, pharmaceuticals and all different embellishments of the day by day life. Target began its working in 1962 and earned immense acclaim in a brief time of time. We are passionate in offering quality items and accomplishing the trust of the clients. Individuals come here, buy our items and discover them glad in encountering us.

It is our mission to make you lean toward Target at whatever point you consider obtaining anything of investment. We are putting forth incredible administrations to our meeting visitors in a highly helpful way.


  • A user ID. A user ID is required to identify you uniquely on this site. You can use this ID on this site as well as for the Target Benefits Center to access to your benefits information. You make your user ID and are liable for safeguarding it.
  • A password: You need a password to access this site. It also keeps unapproved users from accessing your account.

We are giving you a chance to check your paystubs through logging into your record. We are here to guide you in every single way. You need to take some straightforward steps.

Step By Step Instructions To Utilize This Administration:

Come with us and tell us. We are giving you some basic instructions; you need to act as needs be keeping in mind the end goal to get advantage from this administration.

  • Click the link targetpayandbenefits.com to visit the website.
  • Now, a page will show up in front of you with a sentence BE.YOU BE on the highest point of the page.
  • Below this, there are two fields where you need to enter your client ID and the Password.
  • Enter them in these sections and hit “Log On”.
  • If you are another client or have overlooked your secret word, then take after the instructions given on the lower side of the page.
  • Are you a new user? If you haven’t created a user ID yet, create one now.
  • Click “Here” to start your registration.
  • You need to confirm your identity before you can access your account.
  • Complete the required fields with requested information.
  • Enter last four digits of your social security number.
  • Select month, date and year you were born.
  • Click the “Continue” button.
  • Follow the on-screen directions to complete the registration application.
  • You have to create your user ID and password for this account. When you create your password, you can set a hint that will help you remember it.
  • You may need to provide your personal and contact information to finish the application successfully.
  • Forgot User ID/Password: click the “Forgot User ID or Password?” link.
  • You need to confirm your identity to access the site without your user ID.
  • Enter your SSN and date of birth.
  • Click the “Continue” button.
  • Follow further steps to complete this application successfully.
  • If you forget your password, you will see the hint. If you enter your existing password properly, you can directly access this site.
  • You can answer three security questions that you chose previously to get quick access to the site. Your replies must same as you entered when you select the questions.
  • If you don’t choose security questions, you cannot retrieve and access your information through the site or the Target Benefits Center. You have requested and get a new password. You will receive this information by email. If you don’t have an ID on the file, you will get your password through mail.

We are enhancing our business in all angles to give more offices to our clients. We likewise provide openings for work to a large number of individuals and make them ready to fabricate a great profession to help themselves and their crew.

The reason for this action is to encourage you. Perform this demonstration and check your pay stubs through online administration whenever you want.

Explore Benefits:

Financial Benefits:

  • Vacation, national holidays and well-being time
  • 401(k)
  • Disability
  • Life insurance
  • Team member discount
  • Parental leave

Health Benefits:

They are committed to offering quality and inexpensive health care plans to personnel and their families. You will experience broad health plans including medical and wellness discount.

Contact Details:

Target Benefits Center:

Contact the Target Benefits Center if you have questions about logging on to this site, your benefits or pay.

Toll-Free Number


For International Call:


Representatives are available between Monday through Friday 9 a.m. and 7 p.m.

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