Join The Talk To Friendly Survey To Get The Coupon


Company launched a customer satisfaction survey to collect the feedback of the customers. Customer should have a receipt to take part in the survey. This survey takes few minutes to complete it and it is very easy to understand.


  • User need to have an operating system.
  • User must have a fast internet connection.
  • Keep the receipt of store I your hand.
  • You must have a printer connected to your system to print the coupon.


  • Open the official website by searching its given URL in the search bar of web browser to join the survey.
  • Enter the fourteen digit code number which is printed on the sales receipt in the relevant box and tick the red color tab marked as “Start”.
  • Now you get an access to the survey form which contains some multiple choice questions and few text boxes to write the answer.
  • Answer all the answer honestly on the basis of your experience at the store.
  • On completion of the form you will be issued a coupon and in order to get the hard form of this coupon click on the option marked as “Print”.
  • Be careful that the printer should be in proper working state because the coupon cannot be saved or sent via mail otherwise you will lose it.



On completing the survey user will get the coupon which you can redeem to get the discount on your next visit to the store.

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