Win A Prize By Accessing The ULTA Beauty Online Survey


Well, beauty products are very famous and the most selling products everywhere these day. Most of us do purchase these products to maintain and enhance our beauty with different available products. There are so many companies which are selling these products worldwide; the ULTA Beauty is one of them. The customer satisfaction surveys are one of the great sources to get information about your services and quality of the products. Many companies conduct these online surveys to get feedback from its consumers and customers. Mostly result of these surveys is very high due to its accuracy. You also get a chance of winning some exciting prize by taking part in the online customer satisfaction survey. No matter what business you are doing you cannot improve further without the honest feedback of your customers.

Step by Step guide:-

  • You need to have a computer and a internet connection to start the online process.
  • You must need a valid email address to participate in online survey.
  • You need to have a recent visit of the ULTA store and still have your purchased receipt with you.
  • Now you need to visit ULTA’s online survey web page to start the process.
  • You need to enter store number from your purchased receipt.
  • You need to enter your valid email address to proceed further with the connection.
  • After entering your email address you need to press the button which is marked as “Continue”.
  • You need to answer some of easy questions which are based on quality and services of the store. Share your experience by giving your honest feedback.

If you had completed your online survey then you may win some prize in sweepstake. You will be informed via your provided email address if you win any prize.

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