Check Online Status Of Your Booked Items By Accessing Sprint


There are so many courier companies are working around us and providing great facilities of delivering our different items to our desired destination. No matter the destination is within the state or country or abroad. Most of us do send different items to our dear ones or different items related to our offices. If you are looking to find such company you can visit Sprint to book your item. After booking our item most of us keep waiting and asking that do not know our item has reached its destination or otherwise. From booking to reaching its destination we do not know the status of our booked. For this purpose Sprint has introduce a platform so we can check the status of our items. If you need to check the status of your booked item you need to visit Sprint’s official website.

Here are the detailed steps to complete the online process:-

  • You need to have a computer connected with internet connection.
  • You will need your receipt because it has the booking order number printed on it.
  • You need to open your window browser and type
  • In your order number you will see a letter “O” most of the people do get confused and read it as (0) zero.
  • After entering your order number you need to press “Go” button to proceed further.
  • After pressing “Go” button you will find yourself on the next page which will show all the details of your booked item.

By using this platform you can track your order easily and without spending any time or any money. It is simple and easy process. You also can use this facility sitting at your home any time.

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