Access South West To Book Hotel Online


South west air lines and co is one of the air line service in United States of America. This air line service was first started in 1967 and came into operations in early 1971. Total number of planes with south west airlines is 632 and it reaches 93 destinations. The slogan of the company is very nice “if it matters to you it matters to us”. Total revenue for the air line in 2013 was $17.69 billion and its operating income was $1278 million. Total assets of the company are $19.34 Billion in 2013. More than over 45,000 people are working with air Line Company as the information provided by the company says. The main thing about this air line is that it is the lowest cost – carrier in the whole United States of America. This airline is very important in United States economy as there is a lot of trade continued by this air line. This airline also provides services about your vacations plans. If you a planning a holiday south west is the best choice because they even provide services for hotel and residence in the vacations area. You can easily book tickets for hotel for your vacations online.

To access southwest to book hotel online follow the given instructions


  • Open the website of South west airlines
  • On the home window of south west air line you can check you flight schedule.
  • Book a hotel or lend a car
  • Click on the hotel section to book a hotel for your destination
  • Choose your destination
  • Choose your favorite hotel and enter the check in dates
  • As well as the time of stay at the hotel

To check the flight click on the flight status button.


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