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Securus Technologies is great innovator because it provides innovative communications solutions for the correction industry. Securus Technologies also gives many options of payment product like AdvanceConnect, Inmate Debit account, Direct Bill account and Traditional Collect account. It facilitates you to control your spending and ensure that you can receive calls from correctional facilities. It gives you a wide range of benefits. Your phone will remain open as long as funds are kept in it. Minimum funding amount in account can be as low as $25.00. You can easily visit the account anytime by a single visit of the website


  • You must have a computer with the internet connection available on it.


  • Go to the given link
  • You need to click on the link marked as “Open a New Account”.
  • In the next page you must select the name of facility and the state where you the facility to receive calls from and then select “AdvanceConnect Account” and tick on the “Next” button.
  • You have to provide your personal details in the given fields as per requirement. After giving the information and reviewing it click on the button marked as “Submit” to finish the process of opening of new account.
  • For more information about Securus Advance Connect Account visit the given website
  • You can read about the payment Product options offered by Securus Technologies through the given link

Securus Technologies allows you to add several phone numbers to your account to receive all your calls.


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