Access Securus Technologies To Have An Online Account


Securus AdvanceConnect helps its users to control their spending in a better way and ensure that they receive calls from correctional facilities. Securus AdvanceConnect account provides a variety of benefits like till the time you are having funds in account your phone line will be open. The minimum funding amount could be as low as $25.


  • You need to have a PC or any other related device.
  • As the online account is to be opened so you must have an internet connection.


  • Open the website of Securus Technologies to have an online account of yours. Go to given link
  • You should click on the link marked as “Open a New Account”.
  • On proceeding further you have to choose the state where you want to have the facility to receive calls and also add the name of the facility of your choice and then select the option highlighted as “AdvanceConnect Account” and tick on the button “Next”.
  • In next step give your personal details as required and when you have done everything and its ok then click on the button “Submit” to complete the process of opening new account.
  • You can easily get information about Securus AdvanceConnect by following the link
  • You can read more about payment product options by Securus AdvanceConnect at the given link

Securus Technology gives many payment product options like AdvanceConnect account, Direct Bill account, Traditional Collect account and Inmate Debit account.


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