Login To The SECURITE Card Account To Check The Balance


SECURITE Card is a Master card which helps you in your payments and this card is given by the Missouri Department of Social Services Family Support Division. This card contains a specific which is present in your account so, please neither discards your card nor gives it to some unknown person. If you don’t want to use it anymore, kindly return this card to the department. This is very easy to use because the money is transferred from the Family Support Payment Center to your SECURITE Card. This card has benefits which can ease your life with security. It keeps away from the trouble of lost checks, expensive cashing fees and postal service delays.

After the Family Support Payment Center accepts the payments, then within two days payments are accessible on your Card and after a month you will receive a notification about your all activities like where you have spent your money. This card is expires after two years, then you have reactive your card. Now check your account balance with ease with our online service at any time, any place. You will be updated about your account balance and face no difficulty at all.

Procedure to online access

These are the steps which helps you how to login but first of all you should your SECURITE card in your hand and have facility of the internet then:

  • Open this link www.securitecard.com
  • Enter your card number (For login) which consists of 16 digits and present on your card.
  • Then there is an option ‘GO’ click on it.
  • Then read the instructions which are provided on the website
  • Follow these instructions and check your balance

We value our customers and your ease and convenience is our goal.

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