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SECURITE Card is your family Master card which supports your payments. The card was designed for the family to support their expense and use this card for the payments of their daily basics. It was allotted by the Missouri Department of Social Services Family Support Division to all the members who want to avail this beneficial card. The allotment limit is two years, then the user need to re-activate its card by filling the application forms available online to their official website.

How Does it Works

This special family card will help its users to access their account online by simply sign in with the card number as mentioned on it. The card contain easy and quick process of getting the money. The amount which was deposited in your online account could easily be transferred on this card from the Family Support Payment Center.

Theft or Lost


In case users have lost or theft their cards, they could contact immediately with the officials who would block it after inquiry. You have to discard this special card at the time limit exceed. As the card expires, return it to the respective Department for re-activation.


If you are not interested to use the card, then you can return it to the respective department. With this service, users could ease their lives without troubling of cashing fees, postal delays of services and lost check incidents.

Important Instructions

The user should have card allotted from the company. The card should be active so that you can access your account online through its number.

Here are simple steps to access your account.

Steps to Sign In

  • Click on the link www.securitecard.com
  • As the window appears, now check the right side of the window about the log in form, which requires your card number to proceed. Enter your card number in the given box. The card number should contain 16 digits. These digits will be mentioned on your card which you have been allotted from the company on the registration process.
  • As you have entered the card number carefully, now click on the “enter” button to proceed the process.
  • The user must read the instructions as given in the next window to successfully access the account through card number.
  • Now follow the instructions to finish the sign in process on their official website.

The card holders will get notifications about their account activities on their address or contact information provided at the time of registration.

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