Participate In Sears Home Services Survey


Sears has initiated an online survey named as Sears Home Services survey in order to explore customer’s point of views, opinions and suggestion regarding services and quality of performance at Sears’s store. Being a customer of Sears you have to share your experience by participating in survey. You are required to answer set of questionnaire based on your experience either positive or negative, feel free to share your feedback. In order to take part in survey you have to provide information about store and yourself to share your experience.

Section of Requirements

  • You must have a computer and high speed internet connection.
  • You need to keep your receipt in hand with store number, order number and completion date.
  • You need to visit official website of Sears Home services survey

 Section of Step-By-Step Guide

  • You need to visit official website of Sears Home Services Survey in order to participate in customer survey. Here is link of website
  • In next phase you need to provide your sears details such as Service order, date of service completion and sears store in required blanks and click on button which is marked as “Submit”
  • You need to answer all the questions according to your experience by following all on screen instructions provided by website
  • If you want to ask any question feel free to visit given link

Being a customer of Sears you are highly recommended to take part in survey to share your experience.


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