Visit Sears Choice Rewards To Collect And Earn Rewards Gifts


Sears Choice rewards program is initiated for Sears Master Card holders. Card holders have to collect rewards points on every shopping against every single dollar spent at Sears. Later, card holders can claim for their gift with number of ways to refund your gifts. In order to refund your reward you need to follow given set of instructions.

 Set of Requirements:

  • He or she needs to have a computer system with high speed internet connection
  • He or she needs to be Sears Master card holder in order to earn rewards
  • He or she needs to visit official website of Sears Choice rewards

 Step-by-Step Guides:

  • First of all you need to visit website of Sears choice rewards at  in order to earn rewards
  • In next step you need to provide log in details such “User ID” and “Password” in relevant fields as required.
  • You need to identify gift from given options keep this thing in mind that you are going to redeem your earned points with gift cards, special travel incentives and much more.
  • Follow all on screen instructions provided by website to complete the process of earning rewards.
  • For further information or help visit FAQ Web page on website.



Through total rewards program after doing shopping through Sears Master card you can earn various rewards points. After that you can select gift of your choice and file a claim for your gifts after reaching maximum number of rewards points.

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