Redeem Your Reward Online By Registering To Score Card Rewards


You need to have a credit card to get register with Score Cards and get reward points according to your purchases. By using your credit card you always get some reward points at your every purchase. These points are mostly based on your purchases if the purchased amount is big the reward points will be more and if the amount is little the reward points will also be less. So no matter you purchased a small thing or big thing you are getting these reward points. You can utilize these reward points on your next visit of the store. You will get some discount or will get any prizes by using your reward points. By using this card you will get one point on spending $1.

You need to follow the below steps to get your card and redeem your reward points:-

  • This is online process so you need a computer with internet connection to start the process.
  • If you already had an online account you can carry on with the process.
  • If you are a new user you can start the process straight away.
  • Visit official website of the Score Card Reward
  • Create your online account to carry on with the process.
  • Provide your personal details so you can get your process completed.

You can withdraw your reward points and also can make purchases of any of their products. You can use these reward points at different hotels and restaurants. You will get some facilities like there is no limit of getting rewards points, it is automatic enrollment and you do not have to pay any fee to use this facility. This facility is totally free and always will be for their best customers.

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