Visit Royal Mail For The Renewal Of Its Services


Royal Mail is online portal from where customers can enjoy the domestic services. Company offers many services to its customers like telephonic and telegraphic and much more. For availing the services of Royal Mail user need to have a registered account. By having the account one can enjoy the free services. But some services cost money which can be paid online by credit card. So go through the given guidelines to renew the services by registration.


  • User need to have a computer or laptop.
  • User must have the internet connection.
  • User requires a royal mail account.
  • User need to keep the renewal letter in hand.


  • Access the website of Royal Mail by going to the given link for the renewal of mailing services.
  • Enter your email id and password in the required fields and click on the option labeled as “Login” present on the top of page.
  • But if you are not having a registered account then you need to register an account first and therefore hit the button of “Register”.
  • Now you have to select an option from “Personal Use” and “Business Use” by clicking on desired one.
  • Click on the button marked as “Continue”.
  • Give your personal information as asked by the company. Company will ask the information on the basis of your request.
  • Enter your name, email id, password and contact details in the relevant fields if you selected the option of “Personal account”.
  • You are also supposed to give your business account details such as credit details, business address.
  • Click the button titled as “Continue” to proceed next.
  • After giving the information verify it for once and make online payment to complete the process.
  • For more details you can easily visit the Royal Mail Services help center online.

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