Visit Royal Mail To Search The Post Code For UK Address


Royal Mail is a public company which is owned by state in United Kingdom. It offers the postal services for the people of United Kingdom and North Ireland. People of United Kingdom can easily search the postcode for their address of UK through the Royal Mail by just following the few steps given below. This process takes only few minutes to search the post code.


  • You need to have an internet facility.
  • You require an operating system.
  • You must have UK address with the unknown postal code.


  • Firstly you have to turn on your computer and open the web browser.
  • Type the URL of website in the search bar browser and press “Enter” to access the website of Royal Mail.
  • As the website opens you are supposed to enter your UK address in the given field. But you have to enter the address along with building name, building names, street names or town name in the relevant blanks.
  • After entering the address you have to click on red color button titled as “Find Postcode” to search the postal code of given address.
  • In case you don’t have the Royal Mail account then register yourself first and then access your account for availing the search option.
  • Remember that you can search the post code up to 15 times in a day.
  • For more information you can visit the FAQ’s of Royal Mail Postcode Finder service.

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