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Progressive is a United States of America leading automobile insurance company providing insurance services for cars, heavy motor vehicles, Motor bikes ,RV’s, boats as well commercial vehicles. Progressive started their insurance business back in 1937 head quartered in Ohio. From time of beginning of their business upto 2011 it was pure American insurance company but after 2011 onwards they sarted their business in Australia as well. Commercial vehicles mainly include Heavy Duty trucks, cranes and dumpers. According to the policy of the company need to pay whatever is the cost of the damage in case of any accidents or incidents but company is not bound to pay the price in case of a natural cause. Other indemnities are the type of vehicles used by the government or semi government firm or a large organization like a bank or a hospital. These vans, buses or some time cars are mostly used route wise. According to records Progressives has over 13 million policies registered in different parts or states of United States of America and in Australia. Customers service of Progressive are rated excellent. You can get free online quotation for your auto mobile with progressive inc. online website

To make your online payments with progressive follow the steps as given in sequence.


  • Open the website of progressive by clicking
  • To make your online payments find the link mentioned as payments
  • Click on the payments section to continue
  • Your account for auto mobile insurance login window will appear
  • Fill in the required information
  • Enter your policy number in the main window
  • Your account will appear you can make your online payments here
  • Logout of the window at the time of exiting from the web site

Progressive has its privacy policy pasted on their web site buy name privacy policy.


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