Register In Office Max Protection Plan To Get Help About The Product


Office Max provides after sale warranty to its customers through a Protection Plan. It gives number of ways to protect the customer rights and troubleshoot product problems. These suggested ways are both money and time saving. By registering in this online Protection Plan customer can have many benefits like a 24 hour technical support service including chat with the Customer Care Representative, solving product problems.


  • You need a valid email ID.
  • You must have a computer and any other system.
  • You must have an access to internet.


  • Open the official website of Max Assurance Customer Care Portal. Follow the given link
  • Add your personal information in the mentioned spaces and press the button labeled as “Continue”.
  • After adding the personal information continues with making password for your account.
  • If you agree to the terms and conditions of the use then click on the respective checkbox.
  • Click on the button “Create Account” to make your own account.
  • Add your product information in the given space and click on “Search” button to finish the registration.
  • If your product fails then this portal allows you to track, troubleshoot, file a claim or view the status of your claim with a single click.
  • For FAQs visit the Office Max FAQs at the mentioned link

Customer can manage status of claim and can also learn from the experience of other customers who have used the same product.


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