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Automatic Data Processing is the full abbreviation of ADP. This company provides Solutions for your business outsourcing problems. This company also offers an online Soft Ware service for Heavy machinery vehicles and light automobiles dealers. They are ranked “AAA” in credit rating provided by the standards of poor’s and moody’s. This company started working in1949. As far as CEI report are concerned the company has 100% .

Out of 125 businesses outsourcing solution’s providing companies ADP is no 2 according rating provided by Training magazine. They are first in the list of technology vendors by Aberdeen group ranked ADP as one of the top 3 out of 25 Influential Technology vendors. ADP has got a first award by rankings of Fortune America. ADP has online portals that help you manage your ADP online accounts view their past history.

To login to portal ADP account online follow the given steps


  • You need to have a computer system and an internet connection
  • Enter the website www.portal.adp.com
  • There will be two section on the main window
  1. User Log In
  2. Administrator Log In
  • User log in is for the regular users of ADP and are the account holders
  • Administrator Log in is for those people who have an administrator account
  • Click on the first section “user login” to continue to your personal profile
  • Enter your personal user name for ADP account in the log in window of the ADP login window
  • Enter the pass word of your personal ADP account
  • In case you forgot your ADP account password click on reset your pass word

To get information on legal rights of consumers and legal rights of the company click Legal Rights and license present at the bottom of the page.

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