Visit McDonalds Play To Win Valuable Prizes


McDonalds is famous for its tasty fast food products they are well known for their quality and tasty food now they are also presenting a playing location for kids. If you have participated in Monopoly of 2014 then you will get a chance to win many exciting prizes even when the game is no more you would still have a option to redeem your prize. Follow up the given steps describe in detailed to allow you to redeem your prize online.


  • You must have a computer system with internet connection
  • Visit official website McDonalds

Step by step detailed guides:

  • You need to open an official link of website “McDonalds” to get a chance to win exciting prizes. Link of website is given as copy the link and paste it into browser
  • Visit home page of website and click on option of “Sign In” link located on top right corner of website.
  • To log in you need to provide login details and press button of “Enter” Now you can access your account, check your email to find out either you have got an email of prize or not.
  • If you got an email then follow up all the instructions provided by mail to cash your prize.

Do you want to redeem your prize of Play McDonalds? if your answer is yes then above given is the procedure through which you can access your account and get a chance to win valuable prizes from play at McDonalds.


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