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PhotoNotice is website which facilitates you in the way that you can pay your fine for a traffic violation through its online service. If you have disobeyed the traffic rules while driving the car, then you will receive a notification from the traffic police. You will receive a notification in the form of a photo that has been captured by the cameras that are fixed on the roads. This photo will demand a penalty from you in the form of fines. In order to avoid you from standing in the long lines and waiting for the turn we have facilitated you to pay the online bills and get rid from this penalty. This service has been provided only for the sake of your convenience and comfort. Now you can save your time and can pay the fine easily by using the online facility of the website. It will also avoid you from the anxiety of the standing in the long queue.

What is the procedure?

 Well, if you want to get this beneficial service, then you should follow our useful instructions, that will facilitate you through all the possible ways. These instructions are described in the following steps:

  • Make sure that you have an internet access to your system.
  • Click on this website
  • On the page that will appear, you will see some fields.
  • Put your “citation number”, “License plate number” and the “city code” in the given fields respectively.
  • After providing all this, click the option “Login” and start your procedure.

If you have violated the traffic rules then this service will provide you an opportunity to pay your fine easily without facing any other inconvenience. So, join us and save your time.


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