Join Pandora To Look Up Your Songs


Pandora is an online radio service founded by Will Glaser, Jon Kraft and Tim Westergren head quartered in California, United States of America. This service was started in January 2000. It’s basically a music streaming web site for viewers they provide automated music recommendations and you can make different play lists of songs of your choice in the Pandora online account. This service is provided only in United States of America, Canada and Australia. User selects the artist and web site show results about that artist and recommended music of that artist. Then the user has to provide the web site for the positive or negative feedback about the songs or list of songs selected by the website. When the user is listening to the songs he or she is provided by the different rates of this songs from purchase from different stores. To help save the time and you can easily buy your favorite compositions online easily and by saving you time you don’t need to open different websites or online stores to buy your songs.

When you buy a song you can access this song from you online account from anywhere. You can download these songs by signing in to your Pandora online account by providing user name and password. If you don’t have an account with Pandora you can easily make a new one for your personal use. The steps involved in the registration procedure are as follows.


  • Enter the web site
  • There will be a sign in window to the top right corner of the home window of Pandora
  • Click on the section make a new account
  • Registration window for Pandora account will open fill in the required information
  • Click next to join Pandora

Due to license constraints Pandora can only provide their services in countries mentioned above.


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