Joining The Office Max Survey And Winning $2 Discount


An Office Max customer always enjoys the multiple benefits by purchasing something from there and if you are an Office Max customer, then you can win the $2 discount on your every purchase from the Office Max at anytime. The main goal of the Office Max of offering there surveys is to make sure that they are offering the highest quality services to their clients consistently and to make sure that their product/services quality doesn’t goes down at any stage. Along with offering the surveys to get their candid feedback, they are also offering you the chances to win the prizes by completing the existing surveys online. So, here you can participate in their online survey and you can currently win the $2 discount on everything you are going to purchase from the Office Max anytime from anywhere.

Getting Discount!

Accessing the Office Max official website and taking/participating into their existing survey in order to get the $2 discount on everything you purchase will require only the below steps:

  • By visiting the link, you are going to experience the official Office Max official website to participate in their existing online survey that we are going to look for.
  • So, when you are there at their Office Max official website survey page, then you will see the Office Max survey requirement fields those should be asking you to enter the time-date and the survey code (that will be on your receipt) and right when you enter that you should press the yellow “Start” button that is there on the page.
  • Now, you should be answering the Office Max survey questions and after you have answered/submitted all the Office Max survey questions, then you will be able to finish the survey.

Above stated steps are very easy and you can achieve them very conveniently to get the $2 disont on your next purchase.


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