Visit O2 To Track Your Order Online


O2 (UK) is a telecommunication company which was founded in 1985 in United Kingdom. It is offering the financial and web services to its customers and it is thought as the 2nd best service provider in UK as it provides the mobiles, SIM and excellent network. Customer who have ordered anything then he can track his order easily by signing in his account either if he is new or old user. Customer can check his


Prior to online tracking you need to fulfill the given requirements:

  • User requires an operating system.
  • User need to have an internet connection.
  • User must have made an order from O2 (UK).

Step By Step Instructions


Follow the given set of instructions for the online tracking of order:

  • Access the website of O2 (UK) for tracking of order by going to the given link
  • On opening of website you will see a option titled as “My O2”, click on it whether you have order a device being new customer or existing Monthly Pay customer.
  • You will get an access to the login page where you have to enter the username and password in the given fields and then click on “Login” to access the account.
  • But being an old Pay and Go customer you need to visit the courier website for replacement, upgrading or tracking of the order.
  • Simply give your Parcel number and order number which you got in confirmation email in the required boxes.
  • Most likely if you have ordered a SIM only deal then you have to wait for 3 working days for its delivery.

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