Access Nylottery To Play The Mega Million Game


The New York lottery is affiliated with the Government service of the New York City. The scheme started in the year 1967 and offers an exciting gifts and prizes to the citizens who are interested in playing the games which are listed on the company website. All the rules and the instructions are given with the specific game of choice.


The company offers the games like Mega Million, power ball, lotto and many more to their players. Each one is unique with the gift prizes which are received at the end of the game.



The website is restricted at a certain age group of people. Due to its reliable source, it is restricted to the players who are under the age of 18 years or below.


The website contains the many games which have specific descriptions under the rules are mentioned. To play this game, you need to follow the steps as given:

  • Check the website link to open the lottery game website online and win exciting prizes.
  • As the link show result, you could find the options which are given on the website. This will provide all the information about the games and the rewards which a player will win at the end of the game. You need to select the game of your choice from the list of the Jackpot games which are given at the left corner of the window pane.
  • Select the game name from the list and access the page of the game to start the playing process. This will offer you more exciting prizes if you win.
  • The new window will open the game descriptions. It has the complete steps of how to play the game. You need a lottery play card of this game which is easily available at your nearby store.
  • Read all the instructions which are important for winning the jackpot through this game. It is mandatory and restricted to follow all the instructions according to the rules.

The player could subscribe themselves at this website for this specific game. The application form will be uploaded and printed through this website.

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