View And Pay Your Ticket At NJMC


NJMC direct is the secure, quick and opportune and convenient way to access your traffic ticket information online. If you choose to pay online you must have the number of your license plate, credit card (MasterCard VISA or any card that holds the MasterCard or VISA symbol) and traffic or parking ticket to get started.

To view payment order or your ticket, fill out the form with the information from your ticket including license plate number, ticket prefix, court ID and ticket number.

  • You are required to open the link which is .
  • Get access to the home page of the website to get started. Read information about the program given on the resultant page and click the “Continue” button.
  • To start your search for traffic ticket or time payment order, all you will be required to fill out the given from with requested information.
  • Have your ticket available to fill in the form with accurate information.
  • First you need to enter in the court ID.
  • Enter ticket prefix. You will find the ticket prefix on the receipt you received for payment.
  • Enter your ticket number as well as the license plate number.
  • Upon completion press “Continue” button to access your ticket information.

To get more information about this application, please view example of time payment order, full ticket samples online. For any specific enquiry regarding ticket information, it’s suggested to directly contact the municipal court. Payments can be made on this website during the specific hours, please check the online payment hours to avoid any trouble.

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