Renew Your National Geographic Subscription Online


Being a registered member at National Geographic website you can access various advantage such as you can pay your bill, get access to renew subscriptions with also an ability to unsubscribe for short time, you can also keep an eye on status of payments with other special offers of gift subscriptions, change of information and much more. Being a member you can access all these information online. In order to renew your subscription you are requested to read given set of instructions.

Requirements for Renewal of Your Subscription :

  • You need to have Internet access available on computer related device
  • You need to be a member of website of National Geographic.
  • You need to visit website of National Geographic Customer service center

Instructions for Renewal of Your Subscription:

  • Open official website of National Geographic Customer Service Center at link
  • In next step you need to sign in to your National Geographic website account by providing your login details in required text boxes.
  • After signing in to your account you are supposed to click on option of “Renew Your Subscription”.
  • In next step you need to identify time span of your subscription for how long you want your subscription to be active. Select your mode of payment along with your complete address and click on button of “Submit” to complete the process.
  • For any help or information click on given link



Now you can renew your subscription of National Geographic Magazine anytime to get access to all latest version of journals with other exclusive offers as well.


  • When I go to, it says it’s not a secure site and do not open the site. I can’t renew my subscription or change my address, as I’ve just moved. Have tried other Nat. Geo sites, and no place to change address. Very frustrating.

  • I just want to renew my subscription. Tried logging in to account using the account number “not known” but I am taking it of the renewal letter.
    I give up!

  • We are receiving copies of the National Geographic Magazine addressed to Sorell School 41 Gordon Street SORELL TAS 7172 . they are addressed to a Rhonda Walker and a Rhonda Stokes. Please noite this is the same person. Walker is Rhonda maiden name Stokes is her married name. Please cancel the one in the name of Walker.

  • Please note I have already renewed my subscription and you are sending me another renewal form My account no is: 139516660 NFCNTR6 1013 .I paid $75 for the full year on 23rd October 2017.
    My bank statement verifies this . It was done on my Greater Bank visa debit card.

    You also have on this latest renewal form that my subscription expires in March 2018 ??.
    It will expire in October 2017 . Refer to above.

    Please fix this up. I am doing this online as I CANNOT reach your ph 1800 number

  • Account number 446670291.
    Kindly accept that I have not given my permission for you to access my credit card in order to renew my gift membership to Andre Grove.
    I will renew this gift as and when I should decide to do so.

  • I have received a renewal notice whilst still having 7 months to go. Bit early don,t you think?.very possible i will not be renewing. account number451719280 NFCNq26

  • My account number is 236444147. I think I have renewed my subscription for another year by post few months back. Anyway please verify. If I have not done so I don’t I would have to do so online.


  • Ive been trying to get my subscription cancelled. I do NOT want to receive any magazines. PLEASE CANCEL AT ONCE!!!! Remove me from all call and mailing lists. If you have any questions contact my power of attorney, Tracy Wright. PO Box 656 Cushing, OK 74023.

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