Access Netzero To Login The Account


The NetZero is an internet service provider formed by the union of Juno Online Services and Blue Light Services. It was founded in 1998 by Ronald T. Burr. NetZero is the first national free internet service and its users rapidly rise to 1,000,000 within the small time period of six months. It was based on the idea of free internet service to attract the people on large scale for achieving high targets of advertisements. To avail the services user need to login the account on the website.


  • You should have a PC or laptop.
  • You need to have a fast internet connection.


  • Got to the official website of NetZero to get an access to the account. Open the given link of website
  • In the next step you need to give user ID which you suggested at the time of registration in the blank space.
  • Proceed with entering the password in the next blank. Carefully type the password as it is sensitive.
  • Hit the check box marked as “Keep me signed in” in case you want you to remain sig in.
  • Now enter the text printed on the image appearing on the screen as security check in the given blank.
  • You can also change the image by clicking on “Load a different image”.
  • After entering the security code you can click on the red color tab labeled as “Sign in” to open the account.
  • In case if you forgot the password or Id click on the tab marked as “Forgot ID/Password” and follow the instructions to get an access to the account.
  • If you are not a registered user than click on the orange box labeled as “Create a new account”.

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