Visit Net Spend To Activate Net Spend Debit Card


Net Spend offers prepaid Visa card and Mastercard and they are issued by Bancorp Bank, Inter National Bank, and Meta Bank. You can use card at various places in the nationwide to purchase anything or even do online shopping with it. You can add money to your card by local ATM. It is useful especially for the under banked customers because it requires no commitment, no credit check and no minimum balance is required is to be kept in the card like the bank accounts. If you got your Net Spend debit card then you need to visit the Net Spend card activation website for activating your card. Once card is activated then you can enjoy its all benefits.


  • You require a computer with an internet connection.
  • Be sure that your internet safety level is adjusted to “Medium” level.
  • You should keep your Net Spend prepaid debit card handy.


  • Get the Net Spend card by visiting the official website of Net Spend at the given link
  • In the next step press the button in the upper right side which is marked as “Activate Card”
  • Further proceed with adding your 16-20 digit card numbers along with 3-digit CVV number in the mentioned spaces and tick on the button labeled as “Continue”
  • Now follow the instructions step wise to complete card activation procedure.
  • For more information and queries about Net Spend Card visit the given link

Net Spend website also allows you to register your account and login to manage your money online.


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