Access Ncesc To Report Fraud


DES or department of employment security is the state department working in North Carolina, United States. This department is responsible for the provision of jobs and employment in this region. This department has also an official website where you can see different claimant services offered by this department as well as the employer’s services and the relations between government and public figures. You can also view different legal aspects regarding this division. This website also offers alerts and notifications regarding the coming holidays and vacations and status of the availability of its services during this time.


You can report a fraud using the official web portal of this department by following the steps that are mentioned in sequence as under:

  • Open the official website of this company which is
  • There is a main menu in blue colored bar on top of this page. The first option in this menu is “Report fraud”. Click here to proceed.
  • Select the type of fraud due to which you want to float a report on this web page. This includes two options which are unemployment insurance benefit fraud and unemployment insurance tax fraud.
  • Enter the details of your fraud report in the provided space. Your case will be filed without using your personal details to avoid any biasness.
  • Click the “Submit message” button to enter this message in the database of records of this department.
  • The company officials will open and read your message and look into this issue. They will also be responsible for solving this issue as soon as possible.

If you problem isn’t solved, you can contact the DES staff using their contact information available in the main menu bar and ask them to look into this problem.


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