Access Myzpay To Pay The Medical Bills


Myzpay is an online service to pay the medical bill online by visiting the official website. By visiting the website you will come to know that you are capable to use the Myzpay services or not. This is a safe method of bill payment and don’t worry about the money once it is received.


  • You must have a computer with internet access.
  • You should have a credit or debit card and ZIP code of card holder.
  • You need to know the patient account number and invoice date.


  • Visit the website to pay your bills online by putting the given link in search tab of the browser.
  • You need to click on the button marked as “Make a payment”. By doing so a pop up window will be appeared and you need to fill the blanks by giving your name and website address for payment.
  • First of all you need to fill the Patient Information section.
  • Add the first, last and middle name of the patient in the given blanks.
  • In next step you have to give the patient’s account number and invoice date in the respective boxes.
  • Now you have to fil the second section named as Payment Information section.
  • Enter the credit card number and its holder name in the given spaces along with mentioning the expiry date of credit or debit card.
  • Add card security code and type and ZIP code in the given spaces.
  • You need to type the amount of bill which you are paying and click on the button marked as “Next”.
  • Go through the instructions and complete the process of bill payment.

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