Keep Track Of Your Benefits With WalMart Associate Account


Access Wal-Mart online pay stub. Welcome to the online website to connect with other associates. Keep track all of your tempting advantages and benefits. You can easily check your review your information.

Before get going for the registration you need to confirm that you have your Wal-Mart Identification Number, date you were hired, birthday and email address.

  • Open the login portal by accessing the link which is .
  • Open the homepage of the website to access the benefit information and useful tools.
  • If you are an existing member, welcome back! You will be prompted to sign in using your registered login ID and password.
  • You will see blank fields in the middle of the page. You will be asked to fill out the given form with your login credentials.
  • Enter your login ID and password associated with this account.
  • Click the button “Login” to check your work schedule or keep track of your benefits.
  • If you are a first time visitor, get registered to access all valuable features and tools. You will see some white colored link given beneath the “login” button, one of them is “register”, click it to start the online registration application.
  • Before get going, you need to check all requirements to complete your registration.
  • Choose your language preference and hit on the “Go” yellow button to access the next page of this application.
  • Fill out the new account registration application steps. In first step you need to enter the WIN, Your WIN is a unique number that was assigned to you when you started with the company.
  • Enter your date of birth.
  • You will be asked to provide your hire date. If you aren’t able to remember your hire date, you can get it from two sources. Check with your supervisor or Personnel Manager.
  • Type the security words given in the image.

Don’t have WIN, don’t worry! Get your identification number now. There are two ways to get your WIN from work: visit the Wire or just ask your supervisor regarding your number.

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