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It is an online study outlined by Starbucks Corporation, the biggest global fastened espresso house situated in Seattle, US. Other than drink and nourishment, for example, espresso and mixed greens, Starbucks likewise serves films, magazines, books, and so on. Going for giving better administration and more acceptable refreshment and sustenance, Starbucks plans to gather clients’ criticisms or remarks through this overview. With more clients’ cooperation, you may think that it more charming on your following visit to Starbucks. After completing all the inquiries, you can easily win up to $1000.

On the off chance that you are a steadfast client of Starbucks and would like to impart your encounters and also giving recommendations, it’ll be best to take an interest in the My Starbucks Visit Survey. Quick and simple, the overview is possible inside minutes on a machine. When you’ve completed it, risks are that you can win a $1,000 check. Plus, if your thoughts are received, you’ll see a finer Starbucks of your configuration!

How to Join Survey

Joining My Starbucks Visit Survey is really simple, you will need a receipt of previous order.



  • PC or MAC with an Internet connection.
  • A receipt of previous order.


  • Login to My Starbucks Visit site at  and pick the dialect you need to utilize, English, Spanish or French.
  • Enter the client code printed on the lowest part of your receipt.
  • As obliged, give your reaction to each one inquiry.
  • Once completed you’ll be notified if you are eligible to win $1,000 check!


You must to by all means take part in My Starbucks Visit Survey, where you can have all your plans and assessments completely passed on. With your support, Starbucks will without a doubt develop better and give much more prominent administrations to you.

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