Enroll At My Retirement American Funds To Get Your Funds


American Retirement Fund is an online service for retired persons to get their funds. Company issues these funds to the retirees on the basis of the company policy. It helps to facilitate the people in living a good life even after retirement. This is an easy and efficient method user simply needs to register an account on the official website.


  • User need to have a PC with the internet connection.
  • Keep your account number and SSN handy.


  • Open the website by putting the URL in search tab of the web browser. Follow the given link www.myretirement.americanfunds.com
  • As the website opens you can view the option of “Login” click on it if you are a registered member and get an access to the information stored on the website by giving the login details.
  • You need to skip the above step if you are new on the website. Click on the button marked as “New to our site” located at left side of the webpage.
  • Enter your account number and Social Security Number in the respective spaces.
  • Account number which you mentioned will be issued to you in quarterly statement.
  • Now click on the link labeled as “Next” to proceed.
  • In next step answer a security question for verification purpose.
  • Hit the box marked as “I Accept” if you are agreed with the terms and conditions of company.
  • Select a username and password for your account. Password must be strong and easy to remember. Tick on “Next” button.
  • Proceed with answering the three security questions and click on the “Next” button.
  • Lastly you will receive a confirmation and need to click on button labeled as “OK”

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