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The Gannett Company offers various media services. Its head quarter is found in Virginia, U.S and Tyson Corner. Company launched an online publication system of news paper and got million of subscribers. This company doesn’t work at National level. One can easily read the E-paper by a simple login process.


  • User requires a PC with the internet accessibility.


  • Open the given link of website to get an access to the various newspapers of the various states of America. Follow up this link
  • As the website opens you have to select a state from the drop down list which is having various states of America in options. You need to click on the one of your preference whose newspaper you want to access.
  • Click on the “USA Today” tab which is found at the top of the web page. By clicking on this link you will be re directed to the login form as it is a customer service link.
  • Now give your login details in the required fields. Enter your email ID and password in the given blanks which you got on the time of registration of the account.
  • Tick on the button marked as “Login” and access your account to read the e-paper.
  • Click on the option of “Remember Me” in case you want to save the login details for future usage of the account.


  • Saturday June 3 your sections B and D had damaged pages 3B and 4B along with 3D and 4D. those pages were useless since about an inch of printing was trimmed off along the long edge. Since there is no one to take a call in Reno Nevada I can only hope this contact attempt isn’t thrown into the round file. I expect not to be charged for this newspaper since it was not fully use able.

  • Subscriber information:

    Linda mabry
    8510 Millicent Way
    Shreveport, La. 71115
    I have not received a paper for 3 days this week and no delivery 2 days last week. Called and talked with
    customer service and they were of little help. Please advise.

  • the Only got a part of my News- Pres today, )Two copies of the View, two copies Business, two copies
    realty section and two copies of all ads

    What happened?

  • you can not cancel your prescription, I have been trying for two weeks, they won’t call you back and one time they did and they and I mean THEY hung up and you are still not cancel. guess channel 6 will have to get involve with this one.

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