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Kplan Participant Portal is available only to users that have a registered User ID and Password. If you do not have a registered User ID and Password, you are not authorized to use or access this Site. Register your account to become an authorized user.

You can access the Participant Portal in the plan. You will view “Terms and Conditions” statement when you first time use the account. You have to read and accept all terms. You will not be allowed to access the Web site if you don’t accept these terms and conditions.


To access your account you must meet the following criteria:

  • For account security, you will require a registration code. You will receive this code from your organization’s administrator. If you do not have a registration code, contact your organization’s administrator or contact ADP at 1-800-595-1989 for assistance.
  • To start your registration application make sure you have your social security number and PIN with you.

Follow the prompts as given below to get started.

  • Get access to the link that is to begin the application.
  • Welcome to your retirement account. If you have authority to access your account, log on to track benefits.
  • Provide your User ID and a self-created password to access your account.
  • Input the login credentials in respective fields.
  • Hit on the “Sign In” blue button to proceed.
  • By logging in you agree to the Terms & Conditions. Read terms and conditions. View information carefully you have to agree with all terms.
  • Registration: Don’t have an ADP ID yet? No worries, you can register for an online account right away. Registration is simple, fast and free.
  • You will see an option for registration; click the “Register Now” button to proceed.
  • Keep your registration code handy and hit on “Continue” button.
  • You will access the-the registration page by following the button.
  • Enter your registration code in specified box.
  • Hit on “Next” button to proceed.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the registration. You have to provide your SSN and PIN to continue.
  • You can use your Social Security Number as a user ID and your default Personal Identification Number as a password.
  • After verification, register a unique user ID and password.
  • Next, select and answer security questions. You will need to provide this information if you forget login details.
  • Hit on the “Register” button at the end.
  • Forgot Password: Select “Forgot Your Password” link on the login page, you will be prompted to enter security information to retrieve the information.
  • After verification, you will be prompted to select a new password.
  • Password Reset: sign in hover to “My Profile” menu, choose “Login & Security Information” and then go with appropriate option.

You can access the automated Voice Response System (VRS) through a valid PIN. If you wish to change your PIN, contact VRS and choose “Personalize Your PIN” option. Follow the instructions to complete the action.

You will need your user ID and password each time you log into the Web. As a member, you will get certain information regarding retirement if you have not received a registration code. Contact now for assistance.

Functions Available In The Participant Portal:

All members can use great features using this account such as:

  • Current account summary: participants can view complete current account summary anytime as needed.
  • Update: you can view or update your contribution election.
  • Easy Download: as a member, you are allowed to download relevant documents.
  • Print A Report: Use your account to view or print the transaction information.
  • Transfer Funds: you can move funds quickly and securely with a click from one account to another account.
  • View Descriptions: log in with your valid credentials to see transaction details.
  • Request A Loan: You can ask for a loan if applicable.
  • Quick Information Source: you will get access educational tools to get useful information.

Your Information Is Secure At This Participant Portal:

The company will give you access to your information as secure as possible using up-to-date online and encryption tools, latest enhancements and security features to ensure the protection. They provide current technology to make your account secure.

Contact Information:

Contact Customer Support Center:

  • Call at 1-800-595-1989 to get your registration code.

Plan Administrator:

  • Contact your Plan Administrator if you have any questions or comments regarding terms.

Accountant Help Desk Service Number:

  • Call: (1-844-237-4272) or 1-844-ADP-4CPA

Access Client Reports:

  • Call 866-750-7133 to get access to your client’s reports

Speak With An ADP Representative:

  • Call at: 800-225-5237


Contact 401k Voice Response Unit:

Call at 1-800-695-7526 to complete your transaction if you get locked out. Or press “0” to talk with a customer service representative.

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